Although every effort has been made to verify the validity of this design guide based on controlled field trials TEPPFA cannot accept

any responsibility for the accuracy of results obtained using the design tool and any decision made based on the results or other data
included within the guide.

Your attention is drawn to the following conditions and limitations of use of the Design Graph:

• Depths between 0,80 meter up to and including 6 meter.
• Designers first need to establish allowable deflections, average and maximum. (National requirements, product standards etc.)
• Pipes fulfil the requirements as listed in EN 13476, EN 12666, EN 1852 and EN 1401.
• Installation categories "well", "moderate" and "none" should reflect the level of workmanship on which the designer can rely upon. Sheet piles shall be removed before compaction, in accordance with the recommendations in EN 1610.  If however the sheet piles are removed after compaction, one shall realise that the well or moderate compaction level wil be reduced to the "none" compaction level.
• Pipes with diameters up to 1100 mm.
• Depth/diameter ratio at least above 2,0.
• Deflections are unlikely to be exceeded in practice for the circumstances described.
• For the deflection mentioned in the graph, the strain will be far below the design limit, and does not need to be given attention to in the design.

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