This programme has been available by TEPPFA to give you an easy access to most of  the information available from the project "Design of buried Thermoplastics Pipes".
Part of the final report is shown down here for reading. However the idea of this programme is to read as less as possible, but to exercise. Therefore consider the written text below as background information and enjoy using the programme!


In this report the results of a study into the design of buried thermoplastics pipes is reported. The study is a result of co-operative research, sponsored by the European Thermoplastics pipes and fitting association TEPPFA, and the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe  APME.

The project has been proceeded by experts from both the industries, as well as from external organisations. Six external leading experts in the field of pipeline design, not necessarily plastics pipes design, have been involved as consultants to the project. 

The steering committee advises to bring the result to the public domain, because the information contained herein is valuable for all who are involved in the design of buried pipes systems, as well as to those who are considering improvements of existing methods or for the development of new methods.

The report summarises the experimental work carried out, and analyses the pipe soil interaction process as monitored in this study. Next to this a simple design graph is presented.

In order to make navigation in the report by the reader a little easier, figures, tables and enclosures are numbered using two digits separated by a dot. The first digit refers to the main heading in which the item is used. The second number is just a counter within that heading.

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